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Here you can find some recent news and events, as well as a selection of recent papers and any new members that have joined the EGI.

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Bird Ringing Demonstration at Farmoor Res Oxon, 25th February 2012

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Most Recent Research Highlights

» Non-native lizards adapt rapidly to new climateFebruary 23, 2015

Lizard.Uller (1024x683)A recent study in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B by Geoff While and colleagues shows that lizards introduced into England from Southern Europe only a few decades ago already have adapted to the cooler climate. Non-native females hold on to their eggs for longer before laying, capitalizing on the fact that a basking lizard can maintain a much higher body temperature than the surrounding soil. In addition, once the eggs are laid, embryos in non-native populations also develop faster than their native counterparts at cool temperatures. These responses may have been crucial for the persistence of wall lizard populations in England. Read the paper here and media links to BBC here.

Most Recent News Story

» Junior Research Fellowship – Dr Lucy AplinMarch 23, 2015

Many congratulations to Lucy Aplin who has been elected to a Junior Research Fellowship at St John’s College, Oxford, where she will continue her research based at the EGI on social learning in birds.