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Here you can find some recent news and events, as well as a selection of recent papers and any new members that have joined the EGI.

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Bird Ringing Demonstration at Farmoor Res Oxon, 25th February 2012

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Most Recent Research Highlights

» Sperm and sex peptide stimulate aggression in female DrosophilaMay 17, 2017

A new paper published in Nature Ecology & Evolution by Eleanor Bath, Nathalie Seddon, and Stu Wigby of the EGI, investigated how mating influences female aggression in fruit flies. Mating was found to double the amount of time females spent fighting each other over food. This increase in aggression after mating was stimulated by sperm, and in part by an associated seminal fluid protein, the sex peptide. Interestingly, this post-mating increase in aggression was not directly linked to the costs of egg production. These results suggest that male ejaculates can have a surprisingly direct influence on female aggression. Link to paper here.

Most Recent News Story

» May 2nd, 2017: Attenborough films with the Wytham Tits & Jungle FowlMay 18, 2017

David Attenborough 2David Attenborough came to Wytham to film for a BBC programme about bird eggs to be aired Easter 2018. He spent a day in the woods and at the field station filming both with the great tit and jungle fowl projects.