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Here you can find some recent news and events, as well as a selection of recent papers and any new members that have joined the EGI.

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Bird Ringing Demonstration at Farmoor Res Oxon, 25th February 2012

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Most Recent Research Highlights

» Shared decision-making drives collective movement in wild baboonsJune 19, 2015

F1 mediumA new paper published in Science by Damien Farine and colleagues sheds new light on collective movement in highly heterogeneous groups of animals in the wild. This combines fitting high-resolution collars to almost all individuals in a troop of wild baboons with innovative analytical techniques to reveal how primate troops decide where and when to move. Baboon movement dynamics are remarkably similar to those predicted by theoretical models of collective animal behaviour that are based on simple interaction rules, contrasting the long-standing belief that leadership in primates was based primarily on following socially dominant individuals. Link to paper here. Media link to National Geographic here. Video link here:


Most Recent News Story

» R A Fisher Prize of the Society for the Study of EvolutionJuly 1, 2015

Congratulations to Alison Wright (a former DPhil student in the EGI) who was awarded the R A Fisher Prize of the Society for the Study of Evolution at its annual meeting in Brazil this week. The R A Fisher Prize is awarded annually to the most outstanding PhD thesis paper published in the journal Evolution. Alison was awarded the prize for her paper:  Independent stratum formation on the avian sex chromosomes reveals inter-chromosomal gene conversion and predominance of purifying selection on the W chromosome. Evolution 68, 3281-3295. Link to paper here.