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Here you can find some recent news and events, as well as a selection of recent papers and any new members that have joined the EGI.

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Bird Ringing Demonstration at Farmoor Res Oxon, 25th February 2012

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Most Recent Research Highlights

» Manipulating social networks changes information flow and social learningJune 1, 2016

biology_letters_thumbnailA new study published in Biology Letters by Josh Firth, Ben Sheldon and Damien Farine monitored the spread of new information across a community of wild birds whilst experimentally manipulating which individuals could access the same resources as one another. This showed that as birds became more socially connected to those they could forage with, they were also more likely to gain information from them. They also prioritised learning from these individuals in comparison to those who could not access the same resources as them. This illustrates how changes to social structure can influence information flow, and how birds can adopt learning strategies to prioritise information from relevant tutors. Link to paper here

Most Recent News Story

» “The ‘birdman’ of Wytham Woods”August 4, 2016

BCS 2014“Enter an ecologist’s playground with the birdman of Wytham Woods” is a piece in this week’s New Scientist about the Wytham Tit Project. Link to article¬†here.