Dr Sinead English

Dr Sinead English


Name: Dr Sinead English
Position: FP7-funded Postdoctoral Research Associate
Email: sinead.english@zoo.ox.ac.uk


I studied Zoology (Natural Sciences BA) at Cambridge (2001-2004) and Integrative Biosciences (MSc) in Oxford (2004-2005). I returned to Cambridge to start a NERC-funded PhD, investigating individual variation in cooperation in Kalahari meerkats, supervised by Tim Clutton-Brock and Joah Madden (awarded January 2010). In November 2009, I took up a NERC-funded Postdoctoral Research Position with Tim Clutton-Brock on adaptive suppression in meerkats, focusing primarily on variation in growth strategies. I joined the EGI in February 2012, to work with Tobias Uller on the evolutionary theory of early life effects and developmental plasticity, funded by a European Union FP7 grant IDEAL.


My research focuses on understanding how experiences in early life shape development and the evolutionary consequences of these effects. I am currently developing theoretical models to explore the conditions under which selection favours a linkage between the early-life environment and later phenotype, and to generate predictions of responses to mis-matches between early and later life environments. My work is part of a consortium of researchers across several EU institutions, investigating the developmental determinants of health and ageing in humans and other animals. This theoretical work is a natural extension to my empirical research on the link between early life factors and the development of individual variation in social strategies in cooperative meerkats.


English, S., A. Bateman and T.H. Clutton-Brock (2012) Lifetime growth in wild meerkats: incorporating life history and environmental factors into a standard growth model Oecologia 169(1):143-53. | Read abstract/paper online

English, S., S. Nakagawa and T.H. Clutton-Brock (2010) Consistent individual differences in cooperative behaviour in meerkats (Suricata suricattaJournal of Evolutionary Biology 23(8):1597-1604. | Read abstract/paper online

English, S., J.R. Madden, H.P. Kunc and T.H. Clutton-Brock (2008) Sex differences in responsiveness to begging in a cooperative mammal Biology Letters 4(4):334-338. | Read abstract/paper online

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