Dr. Tobias Uller

Dr. Tobias Uller

Dr. Tobias Uller


Name: Dr. Tobias Uller
Position: Departmental Lecturer in Animal Diversity
Email: tobias.uller@zoo.ox.ac.uk


I graduated in Animal Ecology at Göteborg University, Sweden, in 2000, went on to do a PhD in 2001 and finished in 2004. Between 2005 and 2007 I was a Wenner-Gren Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Wollongong, Australia, where I continued to work on the evolutionary ecology of lizards and amphibians with a specific focus on sex allocation, sex determination, and maternal effects. I joined the EGI and the University of Oxford in late 2007 when taking up a Departmental Lectureship in Animal Diversity.


My research focuses on the links between phenotypic plasticity and ecological and evolutionary processes. Recent topics include (i) evolution of sex-determining systems; (ii) evolutionary implications of non-genetic inheritance and maternal effects, and (iii) the evolutionary ecology of mating systems and social behaviour. Most empirical projects involve field- and lab-based studies of Australian and European lizards. My research is currently funded by the FP-7, the Australian Research Council and the British Ecological Society.


I am a Wenner-Gren Fellow and a Fulbright Fellow. I received the 2009 Christopher Barnard Award for Outstanding Contributions by a Young Investigator.


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